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William Hessel Library Online Catalog
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Willian Hesssel Library notes and more

New titles March 3, 2015

Call Number
001.944 V566
Do zombies dream of undead sheep? : a neuroscientific view of the zombie brain
Verstynen, Timothy
WHL - Main Collection
004.09 I738
The innovators : how a group of hackers, geniuses, and geeks created the digital revolution
Isaacson, Walter.
WHL - Main Collection
100 A2213
Classical philosophy : a history of philosophy without any gaps. Volume 1
Adamson, Peter
WHL - Main Collection
133.430 B1675
A storm of witchcraft : the Salem trials and the American experience
Baker, Emerson W.
WHL - Main Collection
153.7 B4226
How the body knows its mind : the surprising power of the physical environment to influence how you think and feel
Beilock, Sian.
WHL - Main Collection
155.2 K1918
The upside of your dark side : why being your whole self--not just your "good" self--drives success and fulfillment
Kashdan, Todd
WHL - Main Collection
155.25 M678
The marshmallow test : mastering self-control
Mischel, Walter.
WHL - Main Collection
158.2 B8553
The truth doesn't have to hurt : how to use criticism to strengthen relationships, improve performance, and promote change
Bright, Deborah.
WHL - Main Collection
201.72 A736
Fields of blood : religion and the history of violence
Armstrong, Karen
WHL - Main Collection
302.30285 C697
A world gone social : how companies must adapt to survive
Coine, Ted.
WHL - Main Collection
304.2 A1823
The human age : the world shaped by us
Ackerman, Diane
WHL - Main Collection
324.6208996 P6476
Blackballed : the Black vote and US democracy
Pinckney, Darryl
WHL - Main Collection
328.764 D2659
Forgetting to be afraid : a memoir
Davis, Wendy
WHL - Main Collection
338.4767721 B3965
Empire of cotton : a global history
Beckert, Sven
WHL - Main Collection
338.76636 E484
Citizen Coke : the making of Coca-Cola capitalism
Elmore, Bartow J.
WHL - Main Collection
355.343 H3161
@WAR : the rise of the military-Internet complex
Harris, Shane.
WHL - Main Collection
355.4 Z61
Countdown to Zero Day : Stuxnet and the launch of the world's first digital weapon
Zetter, Kim
WHL - Main Collection
359.984 C853
Navy SEALs : their untold story
Couch, Dick
WHL - Main Collection
363.4502 P8875
Drugs unlimited : the web revolution that's changing how the world gets high
Power, Mike
WHL - Main Collection
363.73874 S2997
Carbon shock : a tale of risk and calculus on the front lines of the disrupted global economy, how carbon is changing the cost of everything
Schapiro, Mark
WHL - Main Collection
364.150285 C5814
Hate crimes in cyberspace
Citron, Danielle Keats
WHL - Main Collection
364.168 C6923
Hacker, hoaxer, whistleblower, spy : the many faces of Anonymous
Coleman, E. Gabriella
WHL - Main Collection
364.660973 L9911
The death penalty : what's keeping it alive
Lyon, Andrea D.
WHL - Main Collection
370.112 L5331
Wikipedia U : knowledge, authority, and liberal education in the digital age
Leitch, Thomas M.
WHL - Main Collection
371.3344678 H1141
Haber, Jonathan.
WHL - Main Collection
371.58 C6781
Confronting school bullying : kids, culture, and the making of a social problem
Cohen, Jeffrey W.
WHL - Main Collection
384.534 R534
A deadly wandering : a tale of tragedy and redemption in the age of attention
Richtel, Matt
WHL - Main Collection
398.2 W283
Once upon a time : a short history of fairy tale
Warner, Marina
WHL - Main Collection
398.2094 B5714
Children into swans : fairy tales and the pagan imagination
Beveridge, Jan
WHL - Main Collection
518.1 D712
The formula : how algorithms solve all our problems --and create more
Dormehl, Luke
WHL - Main Collection
523.2 N8641
How to read the solar system : a guide to the stars and planets
North, Chris
WHL - Main Collection
551.55 S6771
Storm surge : Hurricane Sandy, our changing climate, and extreme weather of the past and future
Sobel, Adam H.
WHL - Main Collection
598.47 D4379
Penguins : the ultimate guide
De Roy, Tui
WHL - Main Collection
612.82334 G8748
Making space : how the brain knows where things are
Groh, Jennifer M.
WHL - Main Collection
614.150 S4384
Behind the gates of Gomorrah : a year with the criminally insane
Seager, Stephen B.
WHL - Main Collection
614.470973 C751
Vaccine nation : America's changing relationship with immunization
Conis, Elena
WHL - Main Collection
616.85227 H5671
The hoarders : material deviance in modern American culture
Herring, Scott
WHL - Main Collection
616.9362 M4238
The malaria project : the U.S. government's secret mission to find a miracle cure
Masterson, Karen
WHL - Main Collection
616.978 A5521
Intolerant bodies : a short history of autoimmunity
Anderson, Warwick
WHL - Main Collection
636.7 S7988
Miracle dogs : rescue stories
Stavrinides, Liz.
WHL - Main Collection
636.8083 G147
Catification : designing a happy and stylish home for your cat (and you!)
Galaxy, Jackson.
WHL - Main Collection
641.82 O5855
One pot : 120+ easy meals from your skillet, slow cooker, stockpot, and more
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.
WHL - Main Collection
646.72 B9226
200 tips, techniques & recipes for natural beauty
Buck, Shannon.
WHL - Main Collection
658.802 T162
Everyone's a critic : winning customers in a review-driven world
Tancer, Bill.
WHL - Main Collection
741.51 L9134
Foundations in comic book art : fundamental tools and techniques for sequential artists
Lowe, John
WHL - Main Collection
745.61991 R5238
Celtic calligraphy : calligraphy, knotwork and illumination
Richardson, Kerry
WHL - Main Collection
759.4 C425ys
The world is an apple : the still lifes of Paul Cezanne
Shiff, Richard
WHL - Main Collection
770.820 F8999
Women photographers : from Julia Margaret Cameron to Cindy Sherman
Friedewald, Boris
WHL - Main Collection
791.3 A341
From Barnum & Bailey to Feld : the creative evolution of the greatest show on earth
Albrecht, Ernest J.
WHL - Main Collection
794.8 G2391
Understanding Minecraft : essays on play, community and possibilities
Garrelts, Nate
WHL - Main Collection
808.042 P6553
The sense of style : the thinking person's guide to writing in the 21st century!
Pinker, Steven
WHL - Main Collection
809.89282 B6181
Wild things! : acts of mischief in children's literature
Bird, Betsy
WHL - Main Collection
810.8006 P9874 2015
2015 Pushcart prize XXXIX : best of the small presses
Henderson, Bill
WHL - Main Collection
817 E72
Elements of wit : mastering the art of being interesting
Errett, Benjamin
WHL - Main Collection
818.409 G8155
William Wells Brown : an African American life
Greenspan, Ezra
WHL - Main Collection
940.5428 C6729
Fu-go : the curious history of Japan's balloon bomb attack on America
Coen, Ross Allen.
WHL - Main Collection
940.548673 O265
First SEALs : the untold story of the forging of America's most elite unit
O'Donnell, Patrick K.
WHL - Main Collection
947.086 D269
Putin's kleptocracy : who owns Russia?
Dawisha, Karen.
WHL - Main Collection
956.91 S1317
Among the Ruins : Syria Past and Present
Sahner, Christian C.
WHL - Main Collection
958.104 I724
The Reaper : autobiography of one of the deadliest Special Ops snipers
Irving, Nicholas
WHL - Main Collection
971.90 W953
Our ice is vanishing = Sikuvut nunguliqtuq : a history of Inuit, newcomers, and climate change
Wright, Shelley
WHL - Main Collection
973.46092 H754
Thomas Jefferson : uncovering his unique philosophy and vision
Holowchak, Mark
WHL - Main Collection
973.7 L73YB
Founders' son : a life of Abraham Lincoln
Brookhiser, Richard.
WHL - Main Collection
973.73092 H8135
The man who would not be Washington : Robert E. Lee's Civil War and his decision that changed American history
Horn, Jonathan
WHL - Main Collection
973.9 S8794
The concise untold history of the United States
Stone, Oliver
WHL - Main Collection
973.922092 C6781
Two days in June : John F. Kennedy and the 48 hours that made history
Cohen, Andrew
WHL - Main Collection
DVD 539.723 B5921
Big bang machine.
PBS Distribution (Firm)
DVD - Floor Display
DVD 576.84 M4141
Mass extinction : life at the brink
Holt, Sarah
DVD - Floor Display
DVD 634.9 B5922
American experience. The big burn
Ives, Stephen.
DVD - Floor Display

New books and dvds for Monday, February 23, 2015

 Call Number
005.7585 N4999
Microsoft SQL server 2014 query tuning & optimization
Nevarez, Benjamin
WHL - Main Collection
005.8 C7499
Social engineering in IT security : tools, tactics, and techniques
Conheady, Sharon
WHL - Main Collection
006.301 B7476
Superintelligence : paths, dangers, strategies
Bostrom, Nick
WHL - Main Collection
006.76 M2781
Iron-clad Java : building secure web applications
Manico, Jim
WHL - Main Collection
152.4 S6577
Joy of pain : schadenfreude and the dark side of human nature.
Smith, Richard H.
WHL - Main Collection
155.4 G6828
Child psychology : a very short introduction
Goswami, Usha C.
WHL - Main Collection
181.1 G2261
Confucianism : a very short introduction
Gardner, Daniel K.
WHL - Main Collection
211 B7869
God : a very short introduction
Bowker, John
WHL - Main Collection
230 W888
Christianity : a very short introduction
Woodhead, Linda
WHL - Main Collection
294.3 K379
Buddhism : a very short introduction
Keown, Damien
WHL - Main Collection
294.3923 K179
Tibetan Buddhism : a very short introduction
Kapstein, Matthew.
WHL - Main Collection
296 S6895
Judaism : a very short introduction
Solomon, Norman
WHL - Main Collection
302 I731
Is society becoming less civil?
Gerdes, Louise I.
WHL - Main Collection
302.231 K264
The Internet is Not the Answer
Keen, Andrew
WHL - Main Collection
303.7 R5323
Peace : a very short introduction
Richmond, Oliver P.
WHL - Main Collection
304.8 K368
Diaspora : a very short introduction
Kenny, Kevin
WHL - Main Collection
306.3620973 B2223
The half has never been told : slavery and the making of American capitalism
Baptist, Edward E.
WHL - Main Collection
306.3620973 W7237
American slavery : a very short introduction
Williams, Heather Andrea
WHL - Main Collection
320.12 D642
Geopolitics : a very short introduction
Dodds, Klaus
WHL - Main Collection
320.533 P288
Fascism : a very short introduction
Passmore, Kevin
WHL - Main Collection
322.10973 L966
Secular government, religious people
Lupu, Ira C.
WHL - Main Collection
325.73 I335 2014
Miller, Debra A.
WHL - Main Collection
326.0973 L4189
Amistad's orphans : an Atlantic story of children, slavery, and smuggling
Lawrance, Benjamin N.
WHL - Main Collection
340.092 M1531
Representing the race : the creation of the civil rights lawyer
Mack, Kenneth Walter
WHL - Main Collection
342.763 A835
Making race in the courtroom : the legal construction of three races in New Orleans
Aslakson, Kenneth R.
WHL - Main Collection
345.73 R7591
Racial reckoning : prosecuting America's civil rights murders
Romano, Renee Christine
WHL - Main Collection
346.0482 C7859
Copyright Infringement
Ullmann, Carol
WHL - Main Collection
349.73 F2996a4
Law 101
Feinman, Jay M.
WHL - Main Collection
349.73 W583
American legal history : a very short introduction
White, G. Edward.
WHL - Main Collection
355.033 B8851
International security : a very short introduction
Browning, Christopher S.
WHL - Main Collection
362.280835 T2584
Teen suicide
Watkins, Christine
WHL - Main Collection
362.50973 P8795
Poverty and homelessness
Merino, Noel
WHL - Main Collection
362.883 S5186 2014
Sexual violence
Hiber, Amanda.
WHL - Main Collection
363.34 M1484
Global catastrophes : a very short introduction
McGuire, Bill
WHL - Main Collection
363.46 A1549
Merino, Noel
WHL - Main Collection
363.7 E6142
The environment
Zott, Lynn M.
WHL - Main Collection
363.73874 M3977
Climate change : a very short introduction
Maslin, Mark
WHL - Main Collection
364.164 P667
Piracy on the high seas
Miller, Debra A.
WHL - Main Collection
371.95 D354
Dumbing down America : the war on our nation's brightest young minds (and what we can do to fight back)
Delisle, James R.
WHL - Main Collection
378.101 C6976 2015
College admissions
Bryfonski, Dedria
WHL - Main Collection
378.125 A58A2
Classroom assessment techniques : a handbook for college teachers
Angelo, Thomas A.
WHL - Teaching Learning Center
378.1616 F541
Fiske real college essays that work
Fiske, Edward B.
WHL - Main Collection
378.1616 N526
"Is it easy being green?" : writing the new college application essay
Nevin, Justin.
WHL - Main Collection
514.7 F182
Fractals : a very short introduction
Falconer, K. J.
WHL - Main Collection
541.22 B1877
Molecules : a very short introduction
Ball, Philip
WHL - Main Collection
546 B1817
The Elements : a very short introduction
Ball, Philip
WHL - Main Collection
549 V371
Minerals : a very short introduction
Vaughan, David J.
WHL - Main Collection
572.86 S6311
Genes : a very short introduction
Slack, J. M. W.
WHL - Main Collection
573.42 U571
Teeth : a very short introduction
Ungar, Peter S.
WHL - Main Collection
576.82 H8496
Darwin : a very short introduction
Howard, Jonathan
WHL - Main Collection
578.77 M6859
Marine biology : a very short introduction
Mladenov, Philip V.
WHL - Main Collection
578.77 S5491
Coral reefs : a very short introduction
Sheppard, Charles
WHL - Main Collection
612.4 L9412
Hormones : a very short introduction
Luck, Martin
WHL - Main Collection
613.2 B4582
Nutrition : a very short introduction
Bender, David A.
WHL - Main Collection
613.713 T8338
High-intensity 300 : intense workouts including 40 of the toughest tests for the ultimate challenge
Trink, Dan
WHL - Main Collection
615.321 G543h
Herbs for common ailments : how to make and use herbal remedies for home health care
Gladstar, Rosemary
WHL - Main Collection
616.8521 M8756
The evil hours : a biography of post-traumatic stress disorder
Morris, David J.
WHL - Main Collection
616.85882 W6291
Why is autism on the rise?
Naff, Clay Farris
WHL - Main Collection
616.9289 B4193
Behavioral disorders
Espejo, Roman
WHL - Main Collection
617.1027 D692 2014
Haerens, Margaret
WHL - Main Collection
617.7 L2531
The eye : a very short introduction
Land, Michael F.
WHL - Main Collection

632.7 F2347
Farming with native beneficial insects : ecological pest control solutions : the Xerces Society guide
Lee-Mader, Eric
WHL - Main Collection
641.5 D359
The essential cook : cooking knowledge at your fingertips
Delmar, Charles.
WHL - Main Collection
650.13 M9789
Strategic relationships at work : creating your circle of mentors, sponsors, and peers for success in business and life
Murphy, Wendy M.
WHL - Main Collection
658 H4987
Management : a very short introduction
Hendry, John
WHL - Main Collection
658.4 M851
The courage to take command : leadership lessons from a military trailblazer
Morgenthaler, Jill.
WHL - Main Collection
704.0397 D7712
Dreaming in Indian : contemporary Native American voices
Leatherdale, Mary Beth
WHL - Main Collection
741.2 H7521
The urban sketcher : techniques for seeing and drawing on location
Holmes, Marc Taro
WHL - Main Collection
741.2 P2524
Drawing secrets revealed : basics
Parks, Sarah
WHL - Main Collection
759.4 S4951
Manet paints Monet : a summer in Argenteuil
Sauerlander, Willibald
WHL - Main Collection
770 T9676
Art of everyday photography : move toward manual & make creative photos
Tuttle, Susan
WHL - Main Collection
791.66 B384
Beauty pageants
Roleff, Tamara L.
WHL - Main Collection
796 C9477
Sport : a very short introduction
Cronin, Mike
WHL - Main Collection
796.01 P9643
Professional athletes
Haerens, Margaret.
WHL - Main Collection
796.4257 H7372
Swim, bike, run-- eat : the complete guide to fueling your triathlon
Holland, Tom
WHL - Main Collection
811.54 W898
Brown girl dreaming
Woodson, Jacqueline.
WHL - Main Collection
885.01 D39S
Selected speeches
WHL - Main Collection
909 H866
Stuff you missed in history class : a guide to history's biggest myths, mysteries, and marvels
HowStuffWorks, Inc.
WHL - Main Collection
920.00929673 B6271
Cornel West on Black prophetic fire
West, Cornel.
WHL - Main Collection
940.1 R8961
The Middle ages : a very short introduction
Rubin, Miri
WHL - Main Collection
940.27 R2214
The Napoleonic Wars : a very short introduction
Rapport, Michael.
WHL - Main Collection
940.53 W42
World War II : a very short introduction
Weinberg, Gerhard L.
WHL - Main Collection
951.033 L899
The Opium War : drugs, dreams and the making of China
Lovell, Julia
WHL - Main Collection
951.05 D259
Mao : a very short introduction
Davin, Delia
WHL - Main Collection
951.904 N8641
North and South Korea
Berlatsky, Noah.
WHL - Main Collection
955 A617
Iran : a very short introduction
Ansari, Ali M.
WHL - Main Collection
956.94 B9429
The Palestinian-Israeli conflict : a very short introduction
Bunton, Martin P.
WHL - Main Collection
970.00497 J683
Encyclopedia of native tribes of North America
Johnson, Michael
WHL - Main Collection
973.0451 O816
Explorers emigrants citizens : a visual history of the Italian American experience from the collections of the Library of Congress
Osborne, Linda Barrett
WHL - Main Collection
973.7 F6738
Gateway to freedom : the hidden history of the underground railroad
Foner, Eric
WHL - Main Collection
Career 647.95068 G589
How to open and operate a financially successful coffee, espresso & tea shop : with companion CD-ROM
Godsmark, Elizabeth.
WHL - Main Collection
Career 650.144 B6517
Great answers, great questions for your job interview
Block, Jay A.
Career Collection - Career
Sarah's Key
Rosnay, Tatiana de
WHL - Paperbacks
DVD 005.8 R5952
Rise of the hackers
Dart, Kate
DVD - Floor Display
DVD 322.4 K633
Klansville U.S.A.
PBS Distribution (Firm)
DVD - Floor Display
DVD 326.80922 A1542
The abolitionists [videorecording]
Rapley, Rob.
DVD - Floor Display
DVD 362.1963 S9745
Sweet revenge : turning the tables on processed food
Kram, Barbara
DVD - Floor Display
DVD 363.254 H67357
History detectives. Special investigations
Cowan, C. Wesley
DVD - Floor Display
DVD 382 X7
Xmas without China
Dwyer, Alicia
DVD - Floor Display
DVD 551.307 K485
Nova. Killer landslides.
Clark, Liesl
DVD - Floor Display
DVD 616.9041 H948
Hunting the nightmare bacteria
Young, Rick
DVD - Floor Display
DVD 616.925 S9639
Surviving ebola
Smith, Guy
DVD - Floor Display
DVD 791.4372 W312
Wag the dog [DVD]
Mamet, David.
DVD - Floor Display
DVD 792.028092 R589
Ripley : believe it or not
Ripley, Robert L.
DVD - Floor Display
DVD 808.3 P988
Put your heart on the page
Perry, Anne
DVD - Floor Display
DVD 973.709 L736
Lincoln@Gettysburg : how the telegraph helped Abraham Lincoln to reshape America
Schnall, Peter
DVD - Floor Display
DVD 973.9 U618
The untold history of the United States
Sulichin, Fernando
DVD - Floor Display
A sister to honor : a novel
Ferriss, Lucy
WHL - Paperbacks
Orphan train : a novel
Kline, Christina Baker
WHL - Main Collection
We were liars
Lockhart, E.
WHL - Paperbacks
Labor Day
Maynard, Joyce
WHL - Paperbacks
R 323 K537y v.6
The papers of Martin Luther King, Jr.
King, Martin Luther
WHL - Reference Collection
R 323 K537y v.7
The papers of Martin Luther King, Jr.
King, Martin Luther
WHL - Reference Collection
The help
Stockett, Kathryn.
WHL - Paperbacks
TLC 378.1664 P181a2
Assessment essentials : planning, implementing, and improving assessment in higher education
Banta, Trudy W.
WHL - Teaching Learning Center

January 29, 2015
Call Number
001.944 G583
American monsters : a history of monster lore, legends, and sightings in America
Godfrey, Linda S.
133.9013 B1247
Glimpsing heaven : the stories and science of dying and returning
Bachrach, Judy
153.42 L6664
The organized mind : thinking straight in the age of information overload
Levitin, Daniel J.
153.43 L6668
Think like a freak : the authors of Freakonomics offer to retrain your brain
Levitt, Steven D.
153.8 L635
Curious : the desire to know and why your future depends on it
Leslie, Ian
155.24 G543
David and Goliath : underdogs, misfits, and the art of battling giants
Gladwell, Malcolm
155.5 S8198
Age of opportunity : lessons from the new science of adolescence
Steinberg, Laurence D.
303.372 T1318
The divide : American injustice in the age of the wealth gap
Taibbi, Matt.
305.800973 C4562
Who we be : the colorization of America
Chang, Jeff.
306.0973 J661
Everything bad is good for you : how today's popular culture is actually making us smarter
Johnson, Steven
307.0973 D919
The vanishing neighbor : the transformation of American community
Dunkelman, Marc J.
320.973089 B273
Latino America : how America's most dynamic population is poised to transform the politics of the nation
Barreto, Matt A.
322.42 N561
Ku Klux Klan : history, organization, language, influence and activities of America's most notorious secret society
Newton, Michael
332.620 L6752
Flash boys : a Wall Street revolt
Lewis, Michael
332.720973 T222
Other people's houses : how decades of bailouts, captive regulators, and toxic bankers made home mortgages a thrilling business
Taub, Jennifer
333.91 P6651
The price of thirst : global water inequality and the coming chaos
Piper, Karen Lynnea
338.7629222 R8465
Driving Honda : inside the world's most innovative car company
Rothfeder, Jeffrey.
342.73087 F8281
Law and the gay rights story : the long search for equal justice in a divided democracy
Frank, Walter M.
353.48 S8471
Just mercy : a story of justice and redemption
Stevenson, Bryan
355.0092 D7713
The invisible front : love and loss in an era of endless war
Dreazen, Yochi.
362.2083 L8526
The price of silence : a mom's perspective on mental illness
Long, Liza.
363.330973 G4586
Enough : our fight to keep America safe from gun violence
Giffords, Gabrielle D.
363.73874 D2212
How to change minds about our changing climate : let science do the talking the next time someone tries to tell you ... : the climate isn't changing : global warming is actually a good thing : climate change is natural, not man-made : ... and other argumen
Darling, Seth B.
364.153 S551
Breaking free : true stories of girls who escaped modern slavery
Sher, Abby
371.782 H8168
Cyberbullying in social media within educational institutions : featuring student, employee, and parent information
Horowitz, Merle
372.42 B7241
Born reading : bringing up bookworms in a digital age--from picture books to ebooks and everything in between
Boog, Jason.
384.53 W938
The smartphone : anatomy of an industry
Woyke, Elizabeth.
398.21 R315
The zombie book : the encyclopedia of the living dead
Redfern, Nicholas
423.1 R8966
American English compendium : a portable guide to the idiosyncrasies, subtleties, technical lingo, and nooks and crannies of American English
Rubinstein, Marvin
576.84 B2626
Dodging extinction : power, food, money and the future of life on Earth
Barnosky, Anthony D.
610.92 P972
Madness and memory : the discovery of prions--a new biological principle of disease
Prusiner, Stanley B.
613 A2847s
A short guide to a long life
Agus, David
613.71 D3761
Core fitness solution : more than 5,000 customized workouts you can do anywhere
De Medeiros, Michael.
613.713 T925
Strength training for fat loss
Tumminello, Nick.
616.85212 V2283
The body keeps the score : brain, mind, and body in the healing of trauma
Van der Kolk, Bessel A.
616.85890 C915
I always want to be where I'm not : successful living with ADD and ADHD
Crenshaw, Wes.
616.85890 D392
Hyper : a personal history of ADHD
Denevi, Timothy
623.7469 W627
Predator : the secret origins of the drone revolution
Whittle, Richard.
629.892 D2627
Spare parts : four undocumented teenagers, one ugly robot, and the battle for the American dream
Davis, Joshua
638.1 W783
Bee time : lessons from the hive
Winston, Mark L.
641.5638 M3513
The Paleo primer : a jump-start guide to losing body fat and living primally!
Marsden, Keris
641.5893 M4237
The blender girl : super-easy, super-healthy meals, snacks, desserts, and drinks
Masters, Tess.
641.59 M4788
The everything Mediterranean slow cooker cookbook
McLay, Brooke.
658.4092 B362
The power of noticing : what the best leaders see
Bazerman, Max H.
658.4092 B8217
The Virgin way : everything I know about leadership
Branson, Richard.
658.4092 M4655
Good leaders ask great questions : your foundation for successful leadership
Maxwell, John C.
658.8230 C8842
Packaged pleasures : how technology & marketing revolutionized desire
Cross, Gary S.
664.09 L373
Organic : a journalist's quest to discover the truth behind food labeling
Laufer, Peter
728.37 M6811
Tiny house living : ideas for building and living well in less than 400 square feet
Mitchell, Ryan
741.51 P1521
Make comics like the pros : the inside scoop on how to write, draw, and sell your comic books and graphic novels
Pak, Greg
741.56973 G311
I only read it for the cartoons : the New Yorker's most brilliantly twisted artists
Gehr, Richard
757.09 B6515
The Neo-Impressionist Portrait, 1886-1904
Block, Jane.
759.13 B8457
American impressionism : a new vision, 1880-1900
Brettell, Richard R.
759.4 P58YD
The religious art of Pablo Picasso
Dillenberger, Jane
759.7 L237
Kandinsky : a retrospective
Lampe, Angela.
779 W6689
Retronaut : the photographic time machine
Wild, Chris
780 B4157ya
Beethoven : anguish and triumph : a biography
Swafford, Jan
780 H3131
George Frideric Handel : a life with friends
Harris, Ellen T.
796.082 S821
Sisterhood in sports : how female athletes collaborate and compete
Steidinger, Joan
796.33409 D3891
Club Soccer 101 : the essential guide to the stars, stats, and stories of 101 of the greatest teams in the world
Dempsey, Luke
811.54 K829s
Splitting an order
Kooser, Ted.
811.54 O487bh
Blue horses
Oliver, Mary
813.54 C579hs
Have you seen Marie? (Spanish)
Cisneros, Sandra
973.3 B9425
An empire on the edge : how Britain came to fight America
Bunker, Nick.
973.4092 L3346
The return of George Washington : 1783-1789
Larson, Edward J.
973.7130 M1727
Embattled rebel : Jefferson Davis as commander in chief
McPherson, James M.
973.73 J143yg
Rebel yell : the violence, passion, and redemption of Stonewall Jackson
Gwynne, S. C.
DVD 323.1196073 M3151
The march : the story of the greatest march in American history
Gopaul, Lina
DVD 613.7046
Yoga for the rest of us. Back care basics [videorecording]
Cappy, Peggy.
DVD 920 C3316
The life of George Washington Carver [videorecording]
Tuskegee Institute. Carver Research Foundation.
DVD 973.709 L736
Lincoln@Gettysburg : how the telegraph helped Abraham Lincoln to reshape America.
Schnall, Peter
DVD 973.910 R7818
The Roosevelts : an intimate history
Burns, Ken
DVD 973.910 R7818
The Roosevelts : an intimate history
Burns, Ken
R 615.1 P5784 2015
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CBS News

What's the impact of Clinton email controversy on 2016?
The GOP is jumping on Hillary Clinton for using a personal email account while Secretary of State, but will it have a long-term effect?

Obama: "Nothing new" in Netanyahu's speech
The president did not tune in for the Israeli prime minister's speech

DOJ findings on racial profiling all too familiar in Ferguson
Residents of Ferguson, Mo., are no strangers to the excessive tactics used by police and a pending report by the Justice Department serves as vindication

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